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Sue Stone Secret Millionaire Public Speaker love life live life
Sue Stone

Sue has a unique, remarkable and uplifiting impact on the people she comes into contact with and boasts her own remarkable and truly inspiring story.

Sue Stone made her made as a successful women in business, being appointed Managing Director and Chairman at the age of 29 of a manufacturing company in a male dominated business sector. However, an unfortunate series of events lead the company to near financial collapse - but Sue seized the opportunity to turn her life around.

Sue was not prepared to accept that this was going to be 'it' and set about discovering ways to improve her life. Her pursuit of happiness led Sue to spend several years researching the power of our thoughts and subconscious mind.

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Phil Boyle
Phil Boyle

From a working-class Portsmouth district to President-elect of the Royal Aeronautical Society, RAF Officer, The Ramsey Hall Group managing director, Chartered Engineer and MSc in Management Sciences, Phil Boyle has proven his determination as an individual.

Phil Boyle's personal experience in business and his overriding philosophy about managing people, is what truly captures the imagination and makes him such an enthralling speaker.

The longest serving Trustee and now President-elect of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he is also the long-term Chairman of the Society's Solent branch. He is due to take over the Presidency of the Society in 2012. Read more...

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