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Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

CV Search

“ I was referred to Remo by a trusted associate and true to the agency’s reputation, the service was first class. I met with the head consultant, Marie Stockley, who impressed me with the preparation she had undertaken for our meeting. She clearly had an excellent grasp of the organisation and its business objectives. Therefore we were able to utilise our time together to focus on the specifics of the role and to agree a selection process, tailored to the RAFBF’s needs. The process could not have been more efficient. The board and I were presented with a short list of 4 candidates, all of whom were interviewed (such was the quality) and an appointment was made within 2 days.

Remo’s service is reminiscent of the executive search and selection when the industry first launched - before agencies felt that a database search was enough. This is hands-on, intelligent placement and I cannot recommend Remo highly enough”

Michael Neville, Chief of Staff. Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund