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I can’t stop thinking about you…

Launch campaigns:

Make the right entrance (whether it’s a packed room or a new market) and you’re guaranteed to get tongues wagging. But before you make your move, talk to us. We’ll make sure that everything’s co-ordinated - from the way you look to the things you say - so you do just that.

Long-term campaign:

Impressing someone for the first time is one thing. Keeping your impact fresh day in, day out is quite another. Find a way of doing that and, trust us, you’ll be the one that everyone wants to be with. Busy thinking up ways of creating up-to-the minute, relevant and newsworthy media stories, we’ll ensure that people stay as interested in you as the day they first met you.

Pre-launch market softening media campaigns:

You know what it’s like when you fall in love with something. You’ve just got to have it! Creating a buzz about you (and your product, before it’s even been launched) is PR at its best. Whether it’s making sure that you’re seen in all the right places, getting you into the papers and headlines, or being a bit playful (well, a little harmless fun never hurt anyone) - we’ll get everyone talking.

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