The Whole Nine Yards

You’ve got mail.

They fancy working for you. After all, who can blame them? But while it’s always nice when people show interest in you, sometimes it can all be a bit too much. Hundreds and hundreds of calls every day, floods of emails and letters from people trying to smooch their way into your good books when they’re clearly just not right for you.

That’s where we come in. We’ll handle all the calls and mail, and send them some more details, if they seem nice. We’ll even interrogate (sorry, we mean interview) them to find out if their intentions are honourable. Then, after we’ve sifted through all the hopefuls, we’ll give you a shortlist of the people that we think would be right for you - we’re tough like that (a bit like your parents used to be, but without the ‘go to your room’ speech). Once we’ve done all that, we’ll arrange for you to meet them so you can find out a bit more about each other. Where things go from there is up to you.

Clients who have benefitted from our Response Handling services:


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